Catch Up On The Latest News Coming Out Of Ballantyne NC

Catch Up On The Latest News Coming Out Of Ballantyne NC

Are you searching for Ballantyne NC news? Charlotte news headlines and stories from other cities in North Carolina are often of interest to residents of Ballantyne, too. I say that because of the sting Charlotte got recently when it was taken off the short list of cities Amazon is considering for its 2nd headquarters. However, have you seen the recent news story about how Wahlburgers is now going to have a Charlotte location?

Wahlburgers may not be Amazon, but that is really cool. It’s not like Wahlburgers has locations all throughout the US yet, so that is a big deal for them to put one of their restaurants in Charlotte. Now let’s get to some of the other headlines that are being reported in the news for Ballantyne NC.

There is a man that authorities are searching for, and the man suffers from dementia. Take a look at the man’s picture, and be on the lookout for him. If you see him anywhere, reach out to authorities in your area.

A news story was reported about a teenager that was tragically shot in North Charlotte. There is also another missing persons case concerning a Maiden woman. In other news, did you hear how the Women’s March went in Charlotte? There were thousands of people who attended and participated.

Have you heard about how the real estate market in Charlotte is red hot? You know that is going to affect the citizens of Ballantyne, too. Are you planning on buying or selling a house anytime soon. Even if you aren’t, you know the market being hot is going to mean an increase in home values for residents of Charlotte and surrounding cities. Now you have your major news headlines for the city of Ballantyne NC, and are caught up for this weekend.

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