Ballantyne’s Hall Family Farm sold to Novant Health: 5 things to know Tuesday, March 19

Ballantyne’s Hall Family Farm sold to Novant Health: 5 things to know Tuesday, March 19


1. Hall Family Farm was sold for $21 million to make way for a new hospital in Ballantyne

Kelly Hall, who manages the farm with his wife, said they sold the 37-acre property to Novant Health earlier this month. Hall said they made the decision to sell to Novant because the congested area doesn’t need more apartments or townhomes. Instead, Novant has plans to build a new hospital.

They hope to have the $154 million facility open by 2023. It will include 36 beds, two operating rooms and a dedicated C-section OR.

As for the Hall farm, they’ll be opening an even bigger farm just a few miles down the road in Van Wyck, South Carolina. They hope to have their new 270-acre farm up and running by 2021.

“So, we do have a strawberry season coming up, that should be starting maybe around April 10th to the 15th," Hall said. "Things are looking really good, the plants are healthy, the weather is finally starting to cooperate. And then we’ll have one final pumpkin season."

2. He was struck and killed while walking. We don’t know his name

Authorities are asking for help in determining the identity of a man who was struck and killed by a vehicle in Jonesboro, Georgia.

According to the Clayton County Police Department, the incident happened in the area of Valley Hill Road and Mockingbird Trail on March 4.

The man is believed to have been between 14 and 19 years old. He was 5’6" and weighed between 160 and 190 pounds. Anyone with information on his identity is asked to call Sgt. Flaherty at 770-473-3932.

3. This South Carolina teen went viral by singing her McDonald’s order. She’s now a part of Blake Shelton’s team on "The Voice"

Cecily Hennigan went viral last fall after she posted a video singing her order at a McDonald’s drive-thru. Now, the 16-year-old from Conway is competing on NBC’s "The Voice."

She blew Blake Shelton away with her emotional performance of Jewel’s "Foolish Games" during Monday night’s blind auditions.

Forty-three more lots of a blood pressure medication have been recalled because of concerns they may contain trace amounts of a potentially cancer-causing impurity. It’s the latest in a series of recalls since last July, which has seen a spike in recent weeks.

Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging, LLC, announced Friday it was recalling the lots of Losartan Tablets USP because they may contain N-Nitroso N-Methyl 4-aminobutyric acid (NMBA), a potential human carcinogen. Legacy said there was a possible process impurity or contaminant in an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), manufactured by another company, Hetero Labs Limited.

This now makes at least six blood pressure medication recalls due to potential cancer risk since February 22. The FDA said the impurities might be happening when specific chemicals and reaction conditions are present in the manufacturing process of the drug’s API (active pharmaceutical ingredients). It may also result from the reuse of materials, such as solvents.

A Hickory mother claims she found a recording device in the privacy of the tanning room at a Planet Fitness gym.

She handed it over and now police there are investigating.

The woman’s family told NBC Charlotte they haven’t gotten any answers from Planet Fitness or the Hickory Police Department. Last week, she went to a Hickory Planet Fitness to work out and tan, but inside the tanning bed room she says she discovered a hidden camera.

Planet Fitness says although a police report was filed, there is no proof the gadget was a recording device.

The national office responded to the incident with a statement.

"The privacy of our members is extremely important to us," McCall Gosselin, Planet Fitness VP of Communications, said in the statement. "As such, the local franchise group is working closely with the local authorities on this matter."

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